17th September 2015

Spirit Guides

Here is a short piece about spirit guides which I channelled through from my guides.

Spirit guides are who they are, they are not there to be someone you want them to be, they are themselves and are here to help and guide you in what you are doing here on your path on this earth.

They will not solve all problems for you but will hint and guide in what you should be doing.  Remember that you have free will here and can do whatever it is that you want to, there are no restrictions, only those that you put on yourself or that are imposed by society.

Guides will give you guidance (the clue is in the name) and will do this in many subtle ways, they may put a thought in your head or may help to arrange for a person to be there when you need them, this they do by working with other guides and also with your higher self.

Do not think that all guidance is coming from your guides as your higher self is also adding an input to what you think and what it is that it wants to guide you to do.

We sometimes underestimate how powerful and connected our higher selves are.  We are all connected to source, some may call source God, but we are all connected through our higher self and our souls to source.  We are therefore all equal on this plane and in all other planes that we go to.  We may all be at different levels of our development but are all equal.

Your guides have agreed to help you on your soul’s journey of learning here on this planet, you have a path that you agreed to undertake in this lifetime and you (your higher self) works with your spirit guides to help you follow that path.

Your guides can come in many forms, they may be people that you knew here on earth before they passed to spirit such as family members, they may be other people who were here on earth at other times who have developed on their spiritual path and now have agreed to help you on yours.  They may be guardian angels or other angels who are with you to help and guide, these will not have lived a life on earth but are there to help others.  They may be animal guides that are with you to help and guide and protect you.  They may show up in animal form but are not all animals.  They may be spirits who appear in that form to give you support and guidance and may change between human form and animal form. They may be Elemental guides who are closely linked to nature and the outdoors and show themselves as sprites, wisps, fairies and many other forms.

Spirit guides may be with you throughout your life here on earth or may come around you at particular times to help you through a particular journey or time in your life where they are needed to provide that extra guidance or support.  Do not worry if you have a guide that is only with you for a short period, this may be the only time that they need to be with you in guiding and supporting, but always remember they are here to guide and help, they are not here to do everything for you.  Of course they will give you guidance if you ask them but do be ready for the reply “you already know the answer to that” or “you know what you should be doing”.

It is frustrating at times as your conscious mind may not readily know that answer, but when you sit and think about it or meditate on the question, your inner self or your higher self will most probably come forward with the answer you are looking for (if the time is right).  It may come as a gut instinct or a knowing or you may get a very clear message from your higher self as to what you should do.  Don’t worry about it as long as you are asking for the guidance with love and truth you will get a true answer.  Remember that before you meditate or sit to ask these questions ask that guidance comes from the higher planes and source.  Always ask for confirmation with love and truth from whichever source you are getting your guidance from.

I hope this gives some information on guides, there is a lot more to ask your guides but they are here to guide and will always do it for the best good.


Some of my Spirit Guides

These are some of the spirit guides who I have had with me during my lifetime.  The information is what I received during meditation on who my guides were:


GanuchetGanuchet the horseman will help you and guide you in your dreams he is a great warrior and will protect you.  Call on him when you want to travel in your dreams and meditations he will travel with you.

(He was on horseback with a bow and a spear riding across the tundra in Mongolia, I had a great urge to watch the movie Mongol about Genghis Khan’s life again while watching Ganuchet on his horse).

The picture is an image similar to how I saw Ganuchet riding his horse and using bow and arrow

SimonSimon is your protector at this time and is your good friend from long ago and is with you most of the time, he is a guide and worker with you here, laugh and joke with him through this as he will challenge you as he always did but will remain a great friend throughout what you do.

(Simon was wearing a big cloak with hood as it was pouring with rain, as usual he said.  He removed his hood and turned and smiled at me with a huge beaming grin on his face).

The picture is an impression of Simon drawn by the talented psychic artist Ros Coleman

ArielleArielle will help you relate to the children, she is playful and spritely and they will see her with you, she loves childish souls and this is especially so with rainbow and crystal children (I work a lot with rainbow, crystal children so it is nice that she is working with me).

(Arielle appeared leading a horse and was walking down a bank towards me and Simon. She was saying that he, meaning Simon, always seemed to pick areas with mud to walk through.  She had a beautiful white horse which she could fly around on and when I asked for its name she said that it was her and she was it).

The picture is an image similar to how I saw Arielle

Totem Animal Guides

Being Your own Guide