11th October 2015


Hi I’m Kevin, welcome to the site.

I view life (or this one anyway) in a different way than most. Lifelong researcher of the possible and the as yet unknown

I am a channeller of spirit and animal guides and work with them to help others connect with their guides and also provide readings to others.  I work in a number of different ways using various methods including Intuition, Channelled (automatic) writing, clairsentience and various divination methods. To assist me with this I work closely with Spirit Guides and especially Animal Spirit Guides. I have trained in various healing methods yet I do most of my healing intuitively in the same way as our ancestors. I also teach various workshops including ‘being your own guide’, ‘connecting with your guides’, ‘working with energies (healing)’, ‘journeying & meditation’, ‘working with earth and tree energies’, ‘working with medicine wheels & the wheel of life’.

People ask me how long I have been working with energies and with spirit. This all started when I was a small child and spent a lot of time with my grandmother, who was a healer and a spiritual worker, and she passed on her knowledge to us when we were young. So the answer to the question, how long have I been doing this?, is quite a long time really, over half a century now.

I was born and brought up in the beautiful Mid Wales countryside and my love and fascination of trees and the outdoors stems back to my childhood as I would spend a great deal of time in the woods and streams in the local area.  My links to this area go back a long way as my ancestors lived further up into the Welsh hillsides next to the Kerry ridgeway at a height of around 1,000 ft above sea level, often called the oldest road in Wales. To the rear of the small farm there are two large bronze age burial mounds and ancient earthworks which run across the hillside. The area including the ridgeway was very active in the lives of ancient Celts and the energies of this area have also been a great influence on me during my life and I do try to return there often to recharge.

For a large part of my working life I have been involved in helping to develop people and helping them reach their goals. Since leaving the rat race of 8 till 6 working I have spent much of my time getting back to my spiritual roots and helping others connect with theirs.

As part of my work I also make handmade personalised Totem Animal Medicine Wheels, runes, wands, staffs and other items.