Soul Path

Things seem to happen in our lives for reasons. Some reasons seem logical others may seem a little, or very strange, and we all ask ourselves at times what have I done to deserve this. The real answer is that you have not done anything to deserve it as it is part of your soul’s journey and life experience. We all need to learn lessons in life and these lessons are needed for our journey onwards as we progress through our soul path.

‘Soul path’ what is that? It is the journey our soul is taking to get to a place where it can just BE. ‘BE’, now there is something which I do not yet understand, BE could mean and does mean a lot of things but a lot of things can also be covered by what is meant as being. ‘Being’ (part of human being) is what we are, our being is always with us, human is what we are on this earth plane. It is an easy way of us seeing where we currently are and our soul recognises it as a place in time where it is learning human things around earth life, earth families and earth feelings. These can only be learned here, or in another reality/time that is going on at the same time but elsewhere, I will cover that in more detail in ‘Other times’.

That still leaves the big question about what it is to BE, this I think is the path we are all on and it will be different to all of us, I know that I have not always followed a path on earth and my home or the way I feel home is more out into space, a long way from here in earth terms but in reality it is only a short distance in my understanding. I do not class myself as being from another world as we are all of the same world just different places and times.  I have been here a number of times on this earth though and have always had a job to do here which is linked to looking after this planet.

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