Solstice Dreams


Here we are at the summer solstice a time of joy and a time of light.  It is now time to recharge those batteries and fill up your energies after the winter months and after using up those stored energies in all the growth of spring.

Go forth with these summer energies and let them recharge you and revitalise you. We have the wonderful sun’s energies and also the energies that mother earth brings forth from her winter hibernation and the new spring growth that she has delivered. These are here for all of us and will bring us much joy and love.  There once was a wise old woman who said that you can use all your energies in helping others but if you do not use some for yourself you will soon enough be the one who needs the help.

Summer solstice is the mid point in our year a balance point or pivot that we can use to keep our balance with our lives, take some time out to meditate on what it means for you and what it means for others. This may be different or some of it may be the same but is not important. What you do with it is important especially for you on your path through this earthly lifetime.

We may have dreams of who we want to be or where we want to be, but we are here now so the only way we can go is forward if we want to realise those dreams. Are they really dreams or are they a construct of this earthly life and from what others say we should be or where we should be. Be the one who sets those dreams, do not let others make those dreams for you as that will make you try to make something that is not necessarily what you want or need on your path.

Remember it is your path and you are the one walking it. This doesn’t mean you cannot be helped along some of the path as we all need a hand sometimes, but the hand that is helping you on your path also has their own path to follow so can only walk part of it with you. Do not rely on there always being hands there to help you along your path or you will become stuck on the path waiting and will not get to where you want to be. At times we need to take that step into the unknown, not knowing what is around the corner but that is part of the excitement of this lifetime and what is there to unfold.

So keep hold of ‘your’ dreams (not dreams put there by others) and use this summer solstice to reaffirm them.

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