Mountain Cathedrals

These are some writings I received whilst on a recent pilgrimage to the magnificent Pyrenees mountain area of Catalonia.

These are the cathedrals of life, they are open to all and are each different. They have each grown and have their own energies, yet are all connected in the sphere of life.
You can sit on one and connect to all through energies that are known to them and somewhat known to us. They work at a different speed as they are earth and have survived millennia of change. Trees and plants come and go but they stand the same. They may lose some outer rocks through the years but they are still as they were.
These Garrotxa volcanoes grew from great energy in the earth and so retain all of her power and knowledge. They see and they know, they interact with those who want to know and hold fast to old tradition and knowing.
We can sit in awe or we can interact and talk with them. Listen to the sounds the wind brings from them, the stories they hold, the dreams they tell us. All are clear and all is known.
Sit and learn, sit and learn.

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