3rd January 2018

Working with Your Guides

Before I get on to talking about our spirit guides, I first need to talk about who we are.

So who are we? – We are all spirit beings living a human lifetime. We all have our human lives to live and our spirit lives to live and these are connected on our own path.

We all have our physical bodies and we have our inner self which is our spirit consciousness that we are aware of in this lifetime. Our inner self is connected to our higher self (Soul, Spirit) which is our whole spiritual being and is aware of all of our spirit lives. This is why people can recollect past lives or other lifetimes they have lived.

Our higher selves are connected to Source/God/The Divine/Creator, so we are all ultimately connected to each other and are all as equal as each other spiritually.  We are here in this lifetime to learn human experiences or lessons and may also be here helping others to learn. This is why we do not have all the spiritual knowledge from our higher self in this lifetime as it would hinder us in learning what we are here to learn.

The difference between us all is that we are all walking our own path during this lifetime – it is different for all of us – we may walk parts of it together but it is our own path.  There are uphill parts, downhill parts, sunny bits and gloomy bits and sometimes we wander off our path. This is where our spirit guides try to help and guide us. They do not lead us by the hand or we would not learn what we are here to learn but they will give us hints and clues to try to help us along our path.

The following pages give information about our spirit guides:

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