Which way next on your journey

Which way next? or which way now? is always a pertinent question. It is not always clear and is not always meant to be clear. A journey is a journey and you are meant to travel it. So get on and travel with your journey as the longer you wait, the longer until you get there. Nice and easy and nice and slow for most of it, sometimes it needs rushing or taking up the pace a bit, but mostly slowly and softly.

Imagine the trip as one you have always dreamed of and have the longing and anticipation and wonder and awe along the way as you would if you were on a trip sightseeing. Which pretty much is what you are doing on your journey. Don’t waste your time and money by just sitting there and letting it all pass you by.

Imagine if you were on a trip to the most beautiful place you can think of and you just slept past all the wonderful sights and experiences. You would be disappointed in that trip and how you have let yourself down and missed something you had always longed for. This life is that trip so keep awake and soak up all that scenery and wonderful experiences on the way. No doubt you will pass some mundane parts of the route or some bits that you thought would be great but were a disappointment. But hey what, that is part of the journey and part of what you are here to learn and experience.

You don’t always need a map or a route planner to take you on the journey; as sometimes a bit of off road is what the body and soul needs. Take faith and leap into the unknown at times and you never know what you might see.

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