17th September 2015


Welcome to ‘You and Your Guides’  – Get in touch with your spirit guides

This site contains information on Spirit Guides and Animal Spirit Guides and the readings that I provide to those seeking to get to know their spirit guides. You can navigate around using the menu at the top of the screen.

Who am I?

I am a channeller of spirit and animal guides and work with them to help others connect with their guides and to provide readings to others (for more information see the ‘About’ page).

What are Spirit Guides?

The ancient Celtic healers, medicine men of native America and the wise shaman of the Mongolian tribes have all worked with spirit guides and animal guides over the millennia.  They called upon their guides and helpers to give guidance and clarity on their life’s journey and to help others on their journey’s. We all have spirit guides working with us and providing guidance to us.

Your guides can come in many forms, they may be people that you knew here on earth before they passed to spirit such as family members, they may be other people who were here on earth at other times who have developed on their spiritual path and now have agreed to help you on yours.  They may be guardian angels or other angels who are with you to help and guide, these will not have lived a life on earth but are there to help others.  They may be animal guides that are with you to help and guide and protect you.  They may show up in animal form but are not all animals.  They may be spirits who appear in that form to give you support and guidance and may change between human form and animal form. They may be Elemental guides who are closely linked to nature and the outdoors and show themselves as sprites, wisps, fairies and many other forms. (See more information on the Spirit Guides page).

Where does the information come from?

The information used on this site is mainly provided from spirit guides themselves.