We are all Unique on our Path

This lovely pure clean air is working wonders on my mind and soul. It is hard not to be totally awe struck by the freshness and purity of this place. It holds deep secrets from long ago and is still in it’s own time away from the modern world.
The only sounds are the birds, bees and crickets chirping. They each tell their own story in their own way.

Build a place for them to come, a place with love and truth. Be there to welcome them on their path, a path of truth, a path of enlightenment to the world they live in and how they can LIVE.
It is a part of their being, their being themselves, not some ‘fit-in’ person because that is what their friends do or think, or the group they want to be with.
Auhenticity is more important, unique is what we all are and a group of unique people is so much more than a group of the same people.
Some are big, some are small but that doesn’t matter, what matters is the inquisitive mind; always seeking, always working it out in their own way. It doesn’t have to be a quest though. Seeking does not mean that you are not comfortable with who you are. It is you exploring and tasting new fruit and seeing which you like and which you don’t and if you don’t like the look of it, don’t taste it just because your friends do or because that is what the latest trend is.
Be, be, be and keep on being, each and every day. You are you and you are unique, that is the essence of life, not trying to be like others as that leads to being unsettled or unhappy with who you should be right now.
Of course there are things we all think we want to be or do or think are cool and trendy, this is all part of our enquiring mind but we do not always have to follow that path just because it looks good or are told it looks good.

Sit and watch the butterflies and bees, or look at a flower and see the beauty in each part. Let your mind focus on it completely and only focus on it. Let your mind relax and unwind. Calm the chatter and noise and focus in on yourself, see your own flower unfold and see the beauty of your own petals and leaves.

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