Wanderings in the Eifel

I have just returned from another place that has been calling me for some time now and wanted to share my experiences.

I have come to the Eifel region on the border of Germany and Belgium and was guided to come to this area in a meditation quite a while ago and the need to come was reinforced when my daughter gave me a reading at the end of last year where she also said that I needed to come to this area, as well as some other places, to do some work.

It will be a day of discovery today, walking and discovering places and myself. I have some anticipation/apprehension as I go out today into the forests that surround this area. There is so much history here from the ancient Germanic tribes that used to live here to the battles which happened in a number of wars and occupations and the senseless loss of lives in this area. The land also ooses it’s energies in and amongst the trees and lakes and out into the wider world/universe. I think it is these that are making me restless as they have been trampled and messed about over this last few centuries and are keen to flow as they used to. It looks like it might be a day of emotions and heavy work as well as admiring the beautiful scenery.

After breakfast I drove out to an area of woodland where I had been guided to and it was an area that saw some very heavy fighting during the second world war. I began my wandering into the woods along a small track that was used by forestry workers and gradually grew narrower until it was a small path leading through the trees. I followed this along through many twists and turns and at one point wondered whether I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs to lead me out, like Hansel and Gretel did.

As I walked I felt as though I could feel the history of this area flowing through me and at times felt as though I drifted off into times long ago. There was a sense that there were many eyes watching me as I walked past the trees and after about an hour I came to an area which still had some of the emplacements that were built to stop military advancement into Germany. I thought that I would sense some of the horror that was inflicted here on both sides but it was more of a sense of sadness for those that had been here and lost their lives whilst so young. The sadness dissipated as I saw that the old concrete defences were slowly being covered up by new tree and plant growth all around them while deer and birds used the area to feed and live in.

I walked a short distance away through the trees and noticed that littered on the ground, as I walked, were lots of pieces of rock with white quartz in them and then there were big chunks of white quartz lying around. I looked up and saw in front of me a large rock formation jutting out of the ground like a natural living monument. On closer inspection I could see that it had large veins of white quartz running through it. This is the spot, I thought, to sit and connect and see what work I could help with for this area.

I found a spot to sit on top of the rock formation and sat looking down hill through the trees. It was obvious that it was leading down into a valley but the trees were packed so densely all around I could only see through them for about 50 metres or so. As I sat I made my preparations to connect with this place and with any persons who were still here and needed to cross over to the spirit world to join their loved ones.

My initial connection was with the rock and quartz that I was sitting on and which ran down into the earth and throughout this area and beyond. The energies that were connected via this formation had been working for a long time to help cleanse and renew this area and many had used this energy to help them cross over. There were however some here who had lived in this area all of their lives and were reluctant to leave this place but I still offered them help in whichever path that they chose to take, either crossing over or staying here a while longer. It was as though some still had work to do in helping to clear the forests of past wrongs before they would leave.

While connected with this place and it’s energies through the quartz formations it confirmed what I suppose I already knew about what my purpose is and which is sometimes hard to put into words in this human lifetime and even harder at times to put into practice. I lost track of time and place as I travelled with these energies and realigned broken or disrupted pathways and helped smooth away blockages in it’s flow. As with all healing or energy work once you start to move or help realign energies this will affect other areas where that energy flows so it is an ongoing process and any work that you do must ensure that it does not upset the balance of things in a wider sense. There are energy pathways and routes that need to be kept aligned and flowing not only here within the earth (Gaia) but out into a much wider world and realms that are difficult to explain in words and if things are not done properly here they have a knock on effect elsewhere. Some rambling explanation there, but it is what I do and why I was there for a long time while working with that place.

I eventually became aware of being sat there as I returned from what I had been doing and as I looked around me I saw a herd of about 15 deer just below me about 10 metres away. They either hadn’t been aware of me being there or were ok with me being there as they looked at me and just carried on walking past and nibbling at the young shoots on the plants. This helped bring me back into my body and my awareness back to this place. With the energies flowing in the quartz I couldn’t ground myself fully so I said my farewell’s and started my walk back through the trees which soon helped me connect back to the earth and got me grounded. A lot lighter walk back and didn’t feel as many eyes on me as when I walked in but it did seem a lot longer walk back or maybe I was so away with the history of the place as I went in that I lost all track of time.

As I got back to the hotel I felt really tired which was not unexpected as I knew I had come to this area for a reason and a big part of that was to do this work but at least I had the next day to do some relaxing sightseeing, oh and to feed my physical body I got to have Jagerschnitzel for tea :-).

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