Transcript of channelled recording from Nov 2012

This is a transcript of a channelled recording I made in Nov 2012. My guide ‘Ganuchet’ brought through two other guides ‘Brown Bear and Great Elk’ who now work with me on channelling writings through to me.

We are Brown Bear and Elk and we are here to talk with you today about many things concerning you and others.  These are changing times my friend for you especially this all seems new but so familiar.  We are here to help others and guide and to work with your guides to help you with so much of this information.

Start by telling people what you already know, write it and get it to them, make it simple and they will read, do not fall into the trap of not thinking you don’t know what you are writing, it is easy for you as you have done it before and you will do it again.

Make it joyful and light for people to use and understand and help them in their lives, push it out there to be published and out to many people.

Some say life on earth is a challenge but really it is a learning ground and we all have some challenges but a lot of the time it is what we make of it.  You can make it easy or we can make it very hard for ourselves.  A great deal is your mind set and how you take things and how you deal with it.  Learning this can be very hard and accepting it even harder for some.

We all need to look at what our life purpose is here. Life purposes are not all great things although your soul is learning while you are here and what your soul is doing to help another while you are here.  Use it as an experience and don’t get tied up in its complexities.

I am Great Elk and I also will help you with this giving you ancient guidance which is still relevant in today’s times.

Some work with new theories of enlightenment and ascension but in reality they are the same as they have always been, a learning path for your soul and each is different and each is varied and we will get there when we get there, there is no rush, there is no shortcut, there is no magical step to get there, you cannot get quicker than your soul has already agreed to get there.  Some paths are smooth and some paths are steep but that is the one we have chosen and each, for our soul, is no more difficult than the other it is just a learning path.

You can choose to let you path get overgrown so it is harder to walk or you can do daily or weekly maintenance of that path to keep it clear for you and others who are following you along a similar path as working with others is also some part of our souls journey.  Your soul’s journey is not to get in the way of your life here on earth as that also plays a big part in fulfilling yourself and being happy.  We can all be sad and staid in our lives for as long as we want but that does not help us and serves no purpose.  It is just as easy to look on the lighter side of the world and life and creation as it is to look on the dark and sad parts of it.

This is now Ganuchet we have had guidance from two of our spirit helpers and guiders who have taken the time to come through with us and now is the time to write and channel through the writing.

Love light and respect to all.

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