“This is something that I wrote back at the beginning of 2013 and it still fits well with me now”.

Today I am me, I am who I am supposed to be and where I am supposed to be.  This may not be where I dreamt I would be at this stage of my life but it is where I am supposed to be, in the here and now and in myself as a true person on this earth plane with feelings and heart and soul and living life to where it shall be lived.

I am not in a dream state where I think I should have a big car and a big house in the sun where I can lie on beaches every day, that would be nice but I realise it is not where I am to be at the moment, I am here and now, I am me and everything I am in the person that I am.

Today is good and when tomorrow comes that will be my today and it will also be good and any of life’s challenges that are in front of me will need working through the same as they may be on any other day but that is all, they just need working through and not letting them get in the way of who I am or of who I am meant to be.

There are of course struggles where I think that this day could have been a whole lot better or why have I got to deal with this or why have I got to deal with this again.  These days are here for various reasons and not all of our making or necessarily of someone else’s making. It is always nice and easy to blame things on others when you feel that things are going bad or getting worse, look into yourself on these days and see what you want to do and how this really affects you on your souls path.  You may have chosen these hurdles way back before you came down to this earth plane and are now just living through them.  When I say just living through them this in no way makes them small or insignificant and some of these are pretty massive at the time and encompass our whole being and thought for that time.

It is important to try to find some you time each day to look into yourself and see how you should react to this day.  You can react in a lot of different ways but which way is it that your inner self is telling you to react.  That is for you only to know as it is yourself that is living today and not anyone else living it for you, you need to live it for you and live it with love for yourself as well as love for others and the world.

Today will always be a constant in your life, yesterday was today a day ago and tomorrow will be today in a day’s time so the only real constant is today and how you live it.

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