Small Steps

“Some writings given to me by my guides this week”.

Can we tell you a story of how things were and how things are.

There once was a time when all things on this planet lived in harmony and peace. Residing next to each other and living their lives. Some in communities like tribes and packs, others on their own living a life that they wanted to live. When man learned more and started to invent new things he also started to get an ego as he felt that he was better than others and also that he could live a better life than others by charging for what he had invented. This happened gradually and as the influence of one being better than another started to grow peoples began to forget what life was really about and stopped living in peace and harmony with themselves and others. Leaders sprang up who wanted to be in control of tribes and villages. They took what they wanted from people and used others to do their dirty work by forcing others to follow them or to give them what they wanted. Wealth and power mainly but also having people who would look up to them even if it was forced.

This spread slowly across the world from one tribe or village to another and then tribes would want to fight another one because they also wanted to have their wealth and power and so the story went on.

There were some small pockets of the world where this took longer to reach than others, mainly due to the remoteness and the travel needed to reach them. Very soon though it was a worldwide phenomena with all people being under the rule or control of others.  Even when the people rose up in revolution against the rulers they did not see an end to people being in charge and telling them what they could and could not do. This seems to be the norm now as there are no areas of the world where this influence has not reached or where people are not affected by it.

Some try to live in communities without anyone in charge or under no rules but they will still live in a country who have self imposed leaders and laws and rules that they have to follow and taxes they have to pay. There would need to be an upswelling of revolt against this on a worldwide scale to make any difference but unfortunately this in reality will not happen.  So it comes down to what we can do as individuals and as communities. We need to live our lives in the best way that we can, showing care and compassion for others and also for ourselves. There are many religions in the world today and at the core of them the message all seems to say that their followers should show care and compassion for others, in simple terms just be nice to people and take care of the world we live in.

If we each try to keep this in our minds as we live our daily lives and do not live our life in isolation pondering and meditating on what could happen but actually getting out there and helping others, the world will start to be a better place to live. Small steps are always the start to any journey and the more we take the easier the journey becomes.

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