17th September 2015

Tarot Life Spread Reading

A Tarot Life Spread Reading can give guidance on what is coming next in your life or an insight into personal issues and offers a different perspective on areas you may not have considered and an understanding of the factors at play in our lives.

This Tarot reading is a life-spread reading using 21 cards plus an Anchor spread using a further 7 cards and covers a number of areas including Personal, Home, Work, Relationships and Future. It is a great insight into what is happening in your life providing trends and developments over the coming 1- 6 months. I will be working with my spirit guides while carrying out the reading.

The cards that I use are from the ‘Gilded Tarot’ Deck by Ciro Marchetti and the Life Spread was developed by the talented Josie Ellershaw.


I provide one to one readings either face to face or via the telephone/Skype. All are by pre-arrangement and are bookable and payable in advance securely via Paypal.  I am also available for private tarot card reading parties of between 4 and 5 people maximum .

The reading will take around 40-45 minutes and the cost is £30.

To book your reading [click here] and once your payment is made I will contact you to arrange the reading (for group bookings please send me your details on the contact page and I will get in touch with you to arrange).

International clients please note: all times for Skype readings will be booked using GMT/BST timezone.

You must be 18 years or over to obtain a reading. The information given in readings through this site is for enlightenment and self development and does not represent legal, financial or medical advice. It is always recommended that you take suitable professional advice, as may be relevant to your personal circumstances.