Farewell to the Mountains

So for the end of my week in the Pyrenees another trip into the mountains to round the week off. Up past the ski lifts, which are resting at this time of year, and into the mountain tops. The views up here are breathtaking with snow covered mountain peaks all around and panoramic views down the valleys below.

Friday started as a rainy day but as I got higher it cleared and I was able to make the most of the views and even came across a Dolmen (a large flattish boulder sat on top of a peak) which reminded me of Asterix the Gaul as they often referred to Dolmen in the comic books. He would have been quite at home here.

As I travelled through these high valleys I came across smaller roads leading up yet more valleys and found another castle ruin atop a rocky outcrop. This was Chateau Montreal de Sos and had small caves in the rocks under the castle which had some ancient paintings on the walls. This is a place I need to return to as the heavens opened and the rains came down as I was venturing up to the castle.

I finished off my last days wandering around the town of Foix where I was staying, visiting the castle there and also putting pen to paper (or in my case fingers to keyboard) to catch up with my writing which is part of the reason that I came here. The overwhelming feeling that I got from being here is that I need to return and explore more and to just sit with the mountains and the views. I also need to bring others to this wonderful part of the world and show them some of these wonderful places and let them explore and sample the energies for themselves.

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