Days Gone By

There are days gone by and days to come, take them all one by one;
Take your time and spread your wings, take in wonder and all new things.

Your life is here, your life is now, take this life and wonder how;
You are you and they are they, all people live come what may.

Enjoy this time that you have, a time to live a time to have.
Cherish now as it is here, yesterday is gone and tomorrow’s only near.

Go and look for the person you are, look for you both near and far;
You will find it what you seek, not in a day and not in a week.

It will take the time it takes, so give yourself some space and breaks;
Do not rush to find your path, take your time as you fill your bath;
Lay and soak in the water and steam and then you will find your heart felt dream.

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