17th September 2015

Totem Animal Spirit Guides

The ancient Celtic healers, medicine men of native America and the wise shaman of the Mongolian tribes have all worked with spirit guides and animal guides over the millennia.  They call upon their guides and helpers to give guidance and clarity on their life’s journey and to help others on their journey’s.  They do not see themselves as anything special or the only ones to be able to do this, but they do it as part of the role in their own community and tribe.

Theirs is a job of help and understanding of the great world that we live in.  There is Mother Earth and Father Sky who are both around us to help and protect every living thing on this planet.  Living things include the rocks we walk upon, the plants and trees we walk amongst and the animals and humans that walk alongside us on their own paths.  We are all here to live as one and not to just take from one another anything that is there that we want.

Animal Spirit Guides are there to help and guide in what you are doing on this life journey and you can call upon them at any time to help you and to get counsel from them.  They are spirit so they are there in love and truth for you.

Do not worry if you cannot hear them as you may get their help as thoughts or feelings when you have asked for their guidance.  You may see something that brings you realisation of what they are trying to tell you.  Do not live your life though expecting to have guidance on every step you take, this life is a journey and the journey is yours to take.  It will include others as part of the journey, such as your family, your partner and loved one and your friends.  They all have their journey as well but at times you walk that journey together which makes it an enjoyable experience and gives you someone to reach the end of the path with.

We are all born into this world and all pass from this world when our journey is completed.  Make sure you enjoy it and trust in yourself in what you do.  Obviously call on your guides to help and give guidance and treat them as family and friends because that is what they are in the greater scheme of things.

Look forward to your journey and look forward to meeting your guides.

Totem Animal Spirit Guides

As with all people they are also unique and they are many, the same animal guide does not appear to all people but only to those that the guide is working with, they are many just as people are many.

Do not worry that you do not get a big strong animal like a bear or a wolf as all of the spirit guides have power and strength with them.  They are all expert in their own way and that way is what is unique to them and for you.  Take their advice and guidance as they give it with love and with truth for you.

Once your guides have made themselves known to you, you will have a better link with them and you need to spend time with each of them.  A good place to do this is outdoors as that is where their earthly counterparts live. Don’t worry that you do not live in the wilds of Alaska or Ontario where some of these animals live as they are spirit guides you are linking with and will be with you wherever you are.  It is the fresh air and nature of the outdoors that will bring you closer to them as it will invigorate your energies and your soul so that you are on a higher plane when you are talking with them.  You do not always need to be outdoors when you want to connect with them but it is worth spending some time with them initially while you are out in nature.

Picture the animal in your mind and ask the guide to come close to you. You may see your guide or you may sense your guide or you may just feel that you are in contact. It does not matter which way you see or hear them as long as you spend time with them.  Do not worry; you are not losing it if you think you can talk with spirit animals. People have communicated with their spirit guides for millennia and more and they do not class themselves as strange or weird. In a lot of ancient cultures it was seen as quite normal to communicate with spirit guides and to ask for their guidance.

Just remember they are always there with you and will remain with you on your journey so it is a lot nicer to communicate with them than to just let them wander along beside you.

Guidance provided by one of my spirit guides ‘Brown Bear’ which he channelled through to me when I was asking what to write on the website as information.

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