3rd January 2018

Being Your Own Guide

If you don’t know where to start, then start at the beginning. The beginning is different for all people, we do not all start from the same point in our lives so how can we start from the same point in any situation. We have different thoughts views, ideologies, religious and spiritual values and beliefs which make us thankfully all different. If we all followed the same thing then that would cause problems because as soon as one person did something different then they would be cast out or ridiculed or even banished from their ‘tribe’.

We are all individual as that is how we are meant to be. No one is better than the other, and is not meant to be, we are all who we are, some working on different levels of their spiritual growth but still fundamentally here to learn. We need each other also in this learning quest we have set ourselves, some to help us and some to hinder us, that’s what it is about as it is learning. If everyone helped us then we would only learn to be helped, when we are hindered in a situation then we must learn what that is and how it feels and affects us.

There are many people here and many life purposes.  We do not know each other’s so cannot judge those others as we do not know what their life purpose is. Spiritual growth is different for everyone so one size definitely doesn’t fit all.  There are some things a lot of people can use in their life’s purpose but everyone won’t be able to follow the same path to get to where they are going or they will end up in gridlock or getting stuck on a path that they are reluctant to leave because they think it must be right because everyone else does that or does that course or reads that book.

“Be yourself and let yourself BE and your soul will flourish and grow to become the blossom it is meant to be and not the bud that someone else tells you that you should be”.

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