Looking for Guidance

“This writing is taken from some that I received at the beginning of 2013”

We are with you now to guide and help you with your task here. It is now time to write my friend and it is time to get on with the task in hand and that task is to get information written and sent out to those who need it and those who want to hear new things about how their lives are going to be and how the world can be if everyone wants it to be that way.  You are to write what we give you and then look through it and select the relevant parts to put into a book or pamphlet or other method that can easily be used by others.

The time is right and the mood of the world is right for this as since the end of last year (2012) everyone was expecting something to happen, it is happening but in a way that not all can see, people are becoming more aware they are becoming more inquisitive above their spirituality and the way things are, or should be for them and all humanity.  There is not going to be a big bang of change, it is much more subtle than that as you know, we give this information to you so that you can get it out to others.

When man walks alone he gets to his destination on his own and not with others, there may not be others at the destination so if it is all done on your own it could end up being a very lonely place that you end up.  We all need love and friendship and that may be a few select people or family members or may be a large group of friends but it does not matter how many as long as you do not stay on your own trying to get to where you are going.

Ask for help if you need it, do not be afraid or worry that they will think you are weak or not as spiritual if you need to ask, we all need to learn in this lifetime and you cannot do all that learning by yourself, you need others to help guide you and teach you, you do not have to take or believe everything they tell you but you will get something out of what they tell you.

Use your own judgement of who to talk to, there are a lot of good people out there who can help and also there are those who do it for their own ego or for monetary reasons, but in reality they are not all selfless and are in their own hearts doing what they feel is right for them at that time.  They may have bills to pay and a family to care for so do things to make this happen.

Do not worry though as there are more of those who want to help for the sake of helping others to progress in their life path here on earth.  They will also grow and learn from the help that they give to you and others. Maybe this is part of their path or may just be them giving some of their learning they have received through their lives.

Find a group or people near to where you live and maybe to start with visit the group to see what they do and what they talk about, a meditation group or a development group may be good and there are groups who hold talks by various speakers on a wide range of subjects that you could go to and see if you like any of what they are saying.

Another way is to read books that interest you, they do not all have to be spiritual books as there is a lot of spiritual learning obtained from other types of books which contain morals and how people have lived their lives.

The internet can be used as a way of finding information but there are drawbacks as there is that much information on there it can be hard to pick out the true information from the great amount of spoof or false information that is held on there.  Just be careful and again use your judgement on what feels right for you, your inner self will help guide you through this and try to find a number of different sources that corroborate the information not just ones that are referenced from that particular website or article or book.

Love and light my friend

Brown Bear

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