Soul Fragmentation

“This is the response I got when asking my guides about soul fragmentation and how the soul can move freely through space/time”.

Soul fragmentation is a word you are using to describe what the soul is, it is not a fragmentation as this is what souls are and do.  They can be here now in one place or can be everywhere at one time as you know time.  Time does not exist as a means of measuring the passage of one period to another.  Man uses time to help plot things into a nice straight line, starting at one point and ending at another, in reality nothing ever starts and nothing ever ends it just IS.

Back to the soul and its journey or purpose.  The soul is as omnipresent as energy, as it is predominately light energy in your terms.  The soul does reside in a particular body for your current consciousness here on earth, it can also be in other bodies in other dimensions/times all at the same moment.  This is how some people get de-ja-vu or have recollections in meditation or in dreams of being another person or being in another place, it is because they are, as part of their soul is there in a different body or just as an energy form of the spirit travelling or observing.

On earth we tend to try to put things in nice neat boxes and put all the other recollections down as dreams or imagination.  With past life regression and hypnosis some are seeing these other lives and other existences but not necessarily understanding that they could be happening at the same point in time with another part of their soul.

When people astral travel they are just connecting back up with other parts of their soul which are out there already travelling around.  One way to see how this is happening is to sit with your arms resting on your knees and your head slightly dropped, that is with your chin slightly down.  Open your eyes and look upwards towards the ceiling with your chin still down, in effect slightly straining your eyes upwards.

Now close your eyes and let them relax.  Let your mind relax and ask yourself to go to where you feel most comfortable.  Let your mind take you there once it has got past all the clutter of the day.  Once you get to where you are most comfortable, ask your soul/higher self to take you even further into where it is most comfortable. You will then be able to see other dimensions/times where your soul feels it wants to take you.  If you do not get there straight away just relax and take a short break before trying it again.

Remember you are in control as it is you/your soul that makes you.  Keep practicing this approach until you can start to recollect or get to this place without applying any effort.  You will then be able to see all of the places that your soul is currently at.  You will also see many places where it has been in its travels although time will not be relevant to these places so do not try to put any of them in order or into a timeline as that would be impossible to achieve especially when time does not really exist.

I will try to give you more information and examples of how to gain details of your soul’s purpose as you already have this information in you as it is your soul that has agreed to this purpose and is in the process of carrying out its purpose.  It may not seem it at the time as you face life’s daily chores or illnesses or other factors but these are minor hurdles in the scale of your soul’s journey.  Easy to say from a high level and not always so easy to accept in your life when things are not going well.  You need to get past the daily issues and look ahead and past these and things will get easier/better or you may just not regard them as hurdles anymore and see past them to what your soul is doing.

I will leave it here for now and speak again.

Love light truth


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