Love, Light and Peace

Love, light and peace? What does this mean?

Love light and peace is just a phrase that can be used to bring harmony to the world.  It is used by many religions but not necessarily practiced by those in the religions.  They say the words but do not follow the words.  We can clearly see this in Afghanistan and many other areas of the world where leaders say they are religious, Christian or Muslim, but do not practice what those faiths really mean.

This has been said before and most people know it but choose to ignore it and say that they must stick to their own faith even if that means fighting for what they see, or are told, is the meaning of their faith. People are led in their religions by leaders who have their own goals, mainly to be in charge and for others to follow them which is totally against what the religions say that they mean insofar as god is supreme and all being and man should not follow false images.

Back to love light and peace.  Love is loving all people including yourself.  Most people tend to forget about themselves when they are caring for others.

Light – we are all made of light (energy) and should take light with us wherever we go by being positive in the things we do and not casting shadows on things we do or people we meet.  How often do you meet people who are full of gloom and doom about what is happening in the world or what is happening to them.  We all need to show light in what we do and say and raise those in gloom to see their own light and what they truly are.

Peace – whatever we do we need to do it in a peaceful manner, that does not mean rolling over while someone kicks you or does you harm but everyone should be caring and peaceful to everyone else.  Both sides in a conflict think they are right in what they are doing even if it ends up in killing and maiming innocent people in what they think is a just cause.  We cannot move on in this existence without practicing peace.

We are fast approaching a time when this planet is going to realise that there is far more out there than its inhabitants think there is or want to know that there is.  Time will soon come when they will be shown that the life they are living is greater than the one they are currently in here on earth.  All souls will start to gain awareness of previous lives and previous existences in spirit and in body, whether that is on earth as a human or as an energy spirit elsewhere.

They will also realise that they are here now to sort out some karma from previous lives or to gain additional learning that they need to move on in spirit.  Some already know and are working to get the message out to others, this is a very slow process and will not cover all the people on this planet before they are given very clear information that they are not alone and they are not the intelligent life form of the universe.


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